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Misery Mountain offers a total of 35 runs varying in difficulty from easy riding greens all the way to steep rollers. With 645 vertical feet and a 1 km long quad chairlift, we've got you and your family covered for a great winter adventure. ​

Interactive map of Misery Mountain Ski Hill, showcasing the layout of runs, lifts, and key facilities for an optimal winter a


Snowboarder executing a stylish rail grind at Misery Mountain Ski Hill, demonstrating skill and precision in winter sports ac

Check out the Misery Terrain Park, where the only thing cooler than the snow are the skills you bring. From the moment you step into our park, you'll be greeted with an array of features that will have you itching to try them out. We've got jumps that will send you soaring through the air like a superhero, rails that will test your balance and precision, and boxes that will challenge your creativity and style.

Double Wide Flat Box

Skinny Flat Box

Up-down Flat Box

Small PVC Rail

Medium PVC Rail​

Large PVC Rail

Skinny Rail

Large Double Barrel Rail

Small Jump

Medium Jump

Large Jump

Majestic mountain logo of Misery Mountain Ski Hill, symbolizing adventure, winter sports, and breathtaking landscapes.
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